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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What can I expect from a comprehensive assessment?

   A comprehensive assessment includes parental/ caregiver interview, observation and interaction with the client, administration of standardized diagnostic tools, diagnosis of the condition and further referrals /recommendations !


2. How do I decide on the frequency of therapy sessions?

  Based on the results of the assessment and individual requirements, we can discuss and agree upon the frequency of sessions (1 to 4 sessions per week) !


3. How long will it take to notice progress ?

   We need at least 3 months of regular sessions to show a significant improvement. However, the total time period varies based on severity, co-existing conditions and regular attendance with consistent home training !


4. Why does the charges vary for NRI clients?

      Due to different time zones, we need to accommodate your sessions beyond our working hours !

5. What are your payment modes & cycles?

Cash/ Google Pay/ Bank account transfer

In-person services - Post-assessment & at the end of each session

Online services - Pre-assessment and prior to each therapy session

Bulk payments are accepted only for pre-paid option (weekly/ monthly)

6. Do you offer clinical services for adults ?

Yes. Our services are available for individuals across all age groups with speech/ voice/ swallowing difficulties. Some of the common conditions that we treat among adults include Stroke (Aphasia & Dysarthria), Voice disorders, Stuttering/ Stammering, Cognitive-linguistic disorders (Dementia/ Alzheimer's) and Dysphagia (Swallowing & feeding difficulties).

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