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Learning disability

What are the common signs of learning disability?

A child with a learning disability can have difficulties in:

  • Talking about his/her ideas. It may seem like the words he needs are on the tip of the tongue but won't come out. He/she might use vague words like "thing" or "stuff" and may pause to remember words.

  • Processing/understanding of information.

  • Learning new words that he/she hears in class or sees in books.

  • Understanding questions and following directions.

  • Remembering numbers in order, like in a phone number.

  • Remembering the details of a story plot or what the teacher says.

  • Understanding what he/she reads.

  • Learning words to songs and rhymes.

  • Telling left from right. This can make it hard to read and write.

  • Learning the alphabet and numbers.

  • Matching sounds to letters. This makes it hard to learn to read.

  • Writing. He/She may mix up the order of letters in words while writing.

  • Spelling.

  • Doing math. He/ She may mix up the order of numbers.

  • Memorizing times tables.

  • Telling time.

Effects of speech and language therapy in learning disability

  1. Improved cognitive skills (processing speed, planning, sequencing, problem-solving, etc)

  2. Meaningful improvisations of reading, writing, and spelling abilities.

  3. A better understanding of language concepts that are important to reading and writing skills (eg: phonological awareness skills).

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