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Autism Spectrum Disorders - A spectrum of potential possibilities!

What do you mean by the term "Autism Spectrum Disorder"?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is an umbrella term given to a group of neurodevelopmental disorders (Autism, Asperger's syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified) which are characterized by impairments in communication, behavior and social skills (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM-5)).

Common signs of ASD

  • No / inconsistent response to name calls

  • Poor eye contact

  • Poor sitting tolerance

  • Poor attention & concentration

  • Delayed speech and language skills

  • Unable to mingle with peers

  • Behavioral issues such as temper tantrums, injury to self/ others, etc

  • Sensory issues (hyper/ hyposensitivity) - Auditory/ Visual/ Tactile/ Oral

  • Difficulty in comprehension and expression of feelings and emotions

  • Strong preference to follow routines

What is the right age to approach a speech-language pathologist/ speech therapist?

"The earlier, the better." If you could observe any one or more of the above signs in your child, it is advisable to consult a certified SLP for further guidelines.

Effect of speech and language therapy in children/ adults with ASD

  • Improves pre-linguistic skills (eye contact, sitting tolerance, joint attention, imitation, and attention-concentration)

  • Improves speech and language skills

  • Improves social & cognitive skills

Overall, speech and language therapy improves the quality of life of an individual with ASD!

Book an online consultation for formal evaluation and therapy services!

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