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Ever wondered about your voice? Voice matters!!

We speak !

We sing !

We shout and yell !

There is something more intrinsic and vital to these activities other than our mood and intention to convey a message. It’s our vocal cords.

Wait…..Vocal whatttt?

It’s vocal cords. These are a pair of anatomical structures sitting inside our throat. We get our voice coz of them. How? Let’s see.

- When we speak, our vocal cords start vibrating!! See those edges in the middle. Imagine them as our two hands. These two hands come in contact and clap together which produces a sound.

- When we sing, vocal cords start clapping with a rhythm.

- When we shout and yell, vocal cords clap with so much effort that they need some rest (to resume clapping).

While clapping, our palms come in contact. When we clap with dry palms, we experience a lot of friction and it starts paining when we overdo it. But it’s not the same case when our palms are wet or oiled. Agree?

The same goes with our vocal cords too. Consume at least 3 litres of water per day. Try sipping water every 20 minutes. It’s not only good for your body but it also keeps your vocal cords well hydrated. Good hydration is an essential part of making your vocal cord movement smooth and relatively frictionless!!

We often under estimate the value of things bestowed upon us for free. One such precious instrument is our vocal cords. Vocal cords contribute to our identity. All of us have unique voice with varying proportions of pitch, loudness and quality. Just like those finger prints which are unique to us, so is our voice. Lot of us misuse and abuse our voice by yelling, screaming, clearing our throat often and play with hydration by not drinking enough water and having lots of caffeine-based products. Preserve your identity when you still have it!! Our voice matters!!

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